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Toronto’s very own talented hair and make-up artist Rita Pereira, or better know to her clients as “Hairess Rita”, is the master of meeting her client’s desires.

Rita’s raw passion for beauty led her to the local library where she spent hours reading and studding the foundations of beauty and understanding geometry. Pereira is a self-made artist in the beauty industry for 2 decades. Trade shows, fashion magazines, library books, colours of the seasons, ext continue to inspire Rita, allowing her to remain on top of trends and completely satisfy every client.    Consequently, Rita officially received her hairstylist license in 2004 with Ontario College of Trades, authenticating her passion, after discovering the power of a makeover on one’s confidence.

In 2006 Rita opened Salon Beauty Mark, were she built 2 decades of love, passion and pro experience toward her trusting clientele.
“Feel bold, fearless and confident! Discover who you can truly become and remember to always Just Be-you-tiful!” says Pereira.

Rita’s community work is an expression of love. Cutting hair for senior citizens, the physically challenged and abused women is Rita’s way of paying it forward. Rita understands struggle first hand as she was raised in foster care from infancy to the age of 15, the age she quickly become a self sufficient adult.

Pereira has an eagle eye for colour and true craving to continue growing her God given talent. “Beauty is the only sure thing that brings me the most joy in life. I know, lol, its such a cliche!” says Pereira.

Hairess Rita specializes in:

TESTAMONIAL –.>  “Rita Pereira is vibrant, attentive and always filled with ideas!
Rita has been a definite asset to growing my dance business
and I’m thrilled she’s sharing her creative business skills with her own Salon.
She’s a constant supporter and an experienced, passionate professional
who gives 100% to helping others to look and feel their best.

As a pro hair stylist and make up artist, she has a track record
of making her clients look and feel beautiful,
empowered and excited to show off their new look immediately
after leaving her chair. Rita is definitely changing people’s lives- one hairstyle at a time!”

Shawn Byfield
Owner, Byfield Dance Experience


Photo above by the talented

  Miss Shannon T Kelly
CEO @canYOUkickit?
Dancer, choreographer, instructor, fitness model, fitness instructor, personal trainer