Best Summer Hair Care Products

Keeping your hair nourished and shiny through the summer months can be a challenge. Chlorine in pools, pollution in lakes and the ocean, summer humidity, and your own perspiration can make your hair look limp, frizzy, dull, or downright drab.


here are just a few of oursummer faves:

  • MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray

    If you don’t have

    the time or patience for sunless tanner but want your legs to look tanned this second, your best bet is an aerosol bronzing spray that you can mist on before going

    out at night. This sheer, gel-based version from MAC comes in three slightly shimmery shades.
    $22.50 at maccosmetics.com

  • Avon Footworks Tropical Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub

    Walking around barefoot or in flip-flops every day can leave your feet looking really roughed-up. Slough your soles at least once a week with a salt scrub — which is grittier than a sugar-based version. We love this coconut-scented one from Avon.
    $3.99 at avon.com

  • Redken UV Rescue Protective Oil, $15
    It not only protects from the sun’s harmful rays, it conditions the hair with its use … it also helps the hair from absorbing chemicals in pools or spas that would otherwise oxidize their hair color into that horrible green shade that chlorine can sometimes leave in your hair. To boot, when used as a serum it really adds shine and almost totally eliminates frizz

Remember to always wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and have lots of safe fun! But you already knew that!

Oceans of love and beauty,
– Hairess Rita

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