Pro Advice for Stay On! Eyeliner and How to Apply it

Question from Ana in Calgary Alberta ON
—>>Beauty question for Hairess Rita:
“What’s the best eyeliner makeup product to prevent smudges? Right now I use L’OREAL Voluminous smoldering pencil eyeliner & I constantly have to check a mirror to dap off black smudges on my eyes balls through out the day. Not pretty, why does it do that?? Are liquid eyeliners any better?”


Answer- Well Ana,  with so many eyeliner options, here is non confusing answer. You said you like using  a pencil.
I agree, easy application and you can smudge it for a smoky look after you draw it on  (use a Qtip to smudge or yr ring finger after drawing a line)

A few options are Smashbox Limitless Waterproff Eyeliner (I use Black Onyx) about $20 w built in sharpener. Worth every penny! AND make sure to keep the lid on or it will dry out the product. And it will feel dry, scratch your eyes  and not work well!

Here are the Basics:

* kohl liners stay on longer

* waterproof is great but u will need a waterproof make-up remover

* use an eye primer w concealer before applying liner so you don’t look like you got punched in the eye!

Or what I also use which makes my eye makeup stay on the longest !
Is “wet to dry” shadows. The secret here is in the brush…. I use a flat full brush then blend w fingers. I have this fav brush in my pro make-up kit since high school. From M.A.C…of course!

A cheap

brand that actually works well /high pigment comes from shoppers drug mart called Essence.

Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes Ana!



How To Get a Fresh Start in Life and Achieve Your Goals! as told by a foster child that made something out of nothing….

I frequently get messages from clients looking to book a salon appointment, when I tell them I had to shut down the doors of my dream, they first are disappointed … naturally and wonder where they will find such a fantastic hairdresser like the one and only Hairess Rita and secondly, as I am an open book, they want to know what happened. Sooooo, this blog goes out to all you curious clients / friends and I hope my true life story will bring some hope and courage to your life.

I exhale a deep breath of sadness. Yup, I choose to do it!
It felt just like when I was 15years old – thrown out of my foster home and hit the ground

The pain of betrayal. The challenges of starting over and being homeless…again.
Only,  this time, at 34 years old, I decided to leave my home. The place where my husband of 6 years could no longer hide his demons / addiction. My only rule in life is to never lie to me. I will stand by you loyally but just don’t friggen lie!
I tried gluing back that china tea cup but once trust is broken, tea will always leak from the shattered foundation and you will get cut and burned until you have the courage to throw that shit out!
I left the marriage with no money, what ever was at the HeadQuaters – Salon Beauty Mark is what I kept, where I stayed at night and eventually, the place of broken dreams.

Looking back now, the advice I would of given myself would be “KINDNESS IN BUSINESS  DOESN’T PAY THE PILLS, GET YOUR HUSTLE ON!”
Aside from overworking myself and giving out way to many discounts, the root of the problem was my own demons from Foster Homes, they all came back to visit me after being betrayed- feelings of low self worth and negative self talk all came out to play. My confidence in decision making were shot to hell and somehow, I was truly alone.  Everyone in my life dispersal.

I stayed with my friend of 4 years, who was my graphic designer for the business / salon, for 7 month after shutting down the salon – which also turned out to be a disaster but I stuck it out until I could afford a living place of my own. I learned to slow down and let God do his work and not to mix business with my personal life.
Many other series of “bad luck” snowballed from one thing to another!

But I’m proud to say that PHASE 1 – EMERGENCY 101 is finally over! (16 months later!)
I have a great place to live in Toronto in Little Italy. Where I feel at home in a European environment. I have a job that doesn’t pay me nearly as much as I’m worth but its

the driving force to continue believing in my calling and dream! The reason I  write blogs after a 10hr shits and keeps the heart of Salon Beauty Mark beating!


Here are the key ingredients to the hairspray of starting a fresh new life stick:

  • only focus on improving 1% per day

  • Laugh! even if its fake, your mind doesn’t know the difference

  • write our your goals and have dates for them


Believe in your dream.
Plant that seed and water it, even if you think the plant is dead, keep on watering it !
I truly believe that if I, an orphaned foster child can make something out of nothing, well ….. so can you!

If you want it, go after it.

If on days you don’t want anything and would rather meet your creator, as I did many of times, just allow yourself to feel that pain, acknowledge your hurt and tears. We are all here for a purpose, I truly believe that.

There are to two choice in life: to be an entrepreneur or to work to make someone else’s dream a reality.
If your ok with being the employee and ok with  helping create someones dream, do it to your fullest potential and make sure you get paid well.
If you have to do a “J.O.B” to get back on  your feet and pay the bills, as I frustratingly am right now, well, hustle baby!
If God has put a dream in your heart, well, it is your duty to fulfill that dream!

Salon Beauty Mark looks forward to opening it doors again! Closer to its dream this time. Much stronger and vibrant!

Oceans of love and beauty,
Hairess Rita.





Question from Ashley in Ottawa, Ontario
“Hey beautiful! I need advice. Hairspray advice So I’ve been using the same hairspray for years, loved it. Held curl for three days even with my super fine, baby hair. Well, they changed the formula and not only does it no longer hold curl but it doesn’t even hold a dang tease. Could you please recommend a hairspray? I’ve tried three in the last month, none of which are working. HELP!“
Dear Curl Seeker,
I to am a lover of hairspray … heck it is my best friend!
Just saying H A I R S P R A Y gets me excited!
Firstly, if you want quality results – lasting viagra sans ordonnance hold and shine – don’t buy the cheap stuff, its like spraying  water! It will only sildenafil mylan prix cause more frizz and frustration!
Secondly, what type of hold or commitment do we want from this little bottled friend?
(to bad we cant purchase our perfect boyfriend this way!)

Here are a few of my favorites that I use personally and professionally in the salon followed by 3 pro tips:
  • Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray by White Sands (can be bought on ebay if not a hairstylist)    I use this for pro weddings and swear by it!
  • Got to 2b Glued by Schwarzkopf. Harder to work with as it gets very sticky on wet hair and sets asap! Inexpensive at Walmart / Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Shaper Hairspray Plus by Sebastian Professional – love this product for editorial work. It holds well and can be combed out for reshaping.
  • Stay Intense Hairspray by Big Sexy hair – my personal fav! I have curly frizzy hair, lots of it but fine strands. This products is humidity resistant, super long lasting hold and controls the  flyaways with a medium shine.
  1. If your trying to set curls, the trick is in in the foundation before curling your hair. Since you investing all that time and arm strength to stretch to the back of hair head, I professionally suggest a setting lotion or flexible hold gel.
  2. If your putting in rollers over night, like our grandma’s did, then yes, put in the gel or setting lotion when the hair is still very wet!
  3. If your using a hot tool to curl your hair, use your spray of choice and spray on  your section, comb through then curl up.
I hope this blog was useful and you find the product you need to help you look and feel your bouncy best.
Feel free to leave comments below.

Hairess Rita – Salon Beauty Mark


How to Keep Your Long Hair LONG !

Hair elasticity is the ability of the hair to return to its natural state without any help. Hair elasticity is lost by over-processing of the hair that can be caused by heat damage or chemical damage. Heat damage can include damage from heat appliances such as flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, pressing combs or sun damage. Chemical damage to the hair can be caused by relaxers, dyes and highlights. Restoring the elasticity of the hair is hard to do and may ultimately involve letting the damaged hair grow out. However, there are some protein reconstructors that will help with the process.

Step 1

Shampoo hair as usual, following directions on the bottle. Make sure that all of the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out of your hair to avoid any residue.

Step 2

Apply the keratin or vegetable protein reconstructor to the hair. Leave the reconstructor on the hair based upon the time given by the directions on the bottle. Time limits can vary from 2 minutes to 1 hour based upon the strength of the reconstructor. Rinse the reconstructor out of the hair.

Step 3

Apply your moisturizing conditioner to your hair. The conditioner may be rinsed out according to the instructions on the bottle. If the hair was severely damaged or a strong reconstructor was used, a deep conditioning treatment may need to be done. This involves leaving the conditioner on the hair for thirty minutes to one hour. Rinse the conditioner out after the appropriate amount of time has elapsed.

Step 4

Dry the hair using your preferred method of a blow dryer or by air drying. Remember, blow drying can damage the hair, so let it air dry as often as possible.

Step 5

Style your hair as preferred. After treatment, you should notice that your hair has regained a little elasticity and does not look as brittle or dry.

Top Pro Recomendations to keep the ends of you hair as strong as your roots:

 – Nexxus Emergencee Deep Treatment

– Coconut or Olive Oil

 – L’Oreal Professional Absolute Repair Series



supporting Mental Health exclusively at Salon Beauty Mark.
– All proceeds donated to  LOFT Community Services –

Supporting Mental Illness is close to Hairess Rita’s  heart as she was raised in various foster homes from infancy to age 15,
Hairess Rita continues to volunteer at John Gibson House – a home for seniors with mental illness – offering beauty services along with social companionship.


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Best Summer Hair Care Products

Keeping your hair nourished and shiny through the summer months can be a challenge. Chlorine in pools, pollution in lakes and the ocean, summer humidity, and your own perspiration can make your hair look limp, frizzy, dull, or downright drab.


here are just a few of oursummer faves:

  • MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray

    If you don’t have

    the time or patience for sunless tanner but want your legs to look tanned this second, your best bet is an aerosol bronzing spray that you can mist on before going

    out at night. This sheer, gel-based version from MAC comes in three slightly shimmery shades.
    $22.50 at

  • Avon Footworks Tropical Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub

    Walking around barefoot or in flip-flops every day can leave your feet looking really roughed-up. Slough your soles at least once a week with a salt scrub — which is grittier than a sugar-based version. We love this coconut-scented one from Avon.
    $3.99 at

  • Redken UV Rescue Protective Oil, $15
    It not only protects from the sun’s harmful rays, it conditions the hair with its use … it also helps the hair from absorbing chemicals in pools or spas that would otherwise oxidize their hair color into that horrible green shade that chlorine can sometimes leave in your hair. To boot, when used as a serum it really adds shine and almost totally eliminates frizz

Remember to always wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and have lots of safe fun! But you already knew that!

Oceans of love and beauty,
– Hairess Rita

M.A.C Hey Sailor Collection

Set sail this summer with the cheeky new color collection from MAC Cosmetics. The limited-edition line is decked out in adorable sailor striped packaging and includes a wide range of bronzers, single eye shadows, lipsticks, lipglass, powder blushes, pigments, pencils, shimmery body oil and more. 


Get the scoop right here at M.A.C’s official web sight –

If your totally

loving the Hey Sailor Collection have you thought about how sexy and emporing it would be to have a Pin-Up Girl photo shoot done?!
At Salon Beauty Mark, we offer just that with Professional Photographer Shannon T Boodram


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Jenna Talackova

Transgender Miss Universe inspires women all around the world. Personally for me, she is a reminder to live for your dreams, even when the tough gets really tough!


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Anonymous client asks “What is the best flat iron to get to replace mine that broke?!”
Professional advice from Hairess Rita –  “Hands down a T3! I have my original WET TO DRY T3 IRON and #Tourmaline Technology Blow Dryer I bought when the technology first come out 9 years ago! (and

I use it in the salon everyday)
They come with a great guarantee.
The secret to

the success is the negative ions that work with the positive ions of our hair to reduce frizz, make your hair more shinier and less damaged.

WHERE TO BUY? I have found, every now and then, great irons at #Winners for only $49. If you cant wait till

you come across the find, Sephora caries them or I can get you through my beauty suppliers.


Toronto Comicon acheter sildenafil pfizer nedir is brought to you by way of Hobby Star buy levitra canada rx Marketing Inc. HSM was founded in 1992 as one of Canada’s premiere sports and entertainment marketing agencies. The company first staked its claim in 1995 with the successful launch of the Canadian National Comic Book Expo. It has since been re-branded as Fan Expo Canada featuring

Comic, Anime, Science Fiction, Horror and Gaming. The event has evolved into a spectacular, annual, multi-media even with prestigious acclaim, becoming North America’s

3rd largest event of its kind.


I love anything SCI-FI! To see things outside of the “normal box”. Our human brains are beyond our comprehension.
I would love to go out into outer-space and explore, visit our galactic neighbors.

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