Barbie’s wardrobe celebrated at Fashion Week bash –

I love Barbie as much as the next gal. She’s had great careers, a great wardrobe and a glam life.  I’m not going to

hate on her but girls, remember Barbie is fiction not reality.

Barbie’s wardrobe celebrated at Fashion Week

bash –
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Pain & Food – How to be feel your best 2012.

Pain & Food

Did you know there are foods that may reduce inflammation, pain and tissue damage in your body?

Scientific research has suggested Top 13 foods that help reduce pain, 10x better than an aspirin! Really, try it out and us know how your thoughts.
Your a beautiful genius in your own right you know!
Here is the short list:

1. Berries & Cherries: Raspberry Blueberry Strawberry Blackberry Tart Cherry Sweet Cherry

2. Celery & Celery Seeds

3. Fresh Ginger

4. Tumeric

5. Salmon Mackerel & Herring

6. Ground Flaxseeds and Cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil

7. Fresh Walnuts & Cold-pressed Walnut Oil

Try to eat these foods regularly to help reduce pain.
Some of these foods can be found as extracts , vitamins and syrups etc.

Quick suggestions of stores for you:
Noah’s Natural foods
322 Bloor Street West
Spadina Subway Station

The Big Carrot Natural Foods
348 Danforth Avenue
Chester Subway Station
Eastbound platform.

But be careful and ask your family doctor if

they have any interferences with any prescription drugs your may be taking.

Spices are the trick to making anything delicious!
Kind of like adding lipstick to your lips, make everything seem so much brighter!

Try  adding flax seeds  in baking and cereals even the walnuts!

Have a little bit of oils  in  salads and if  you want to add some extra yummy goodness in cooked food, put some in at the end because oils keep their goodness when taken raw.

And then fish, good for everything in your body as long as the fish have no pollutants like mercury in them (shop wisely)!

Lastly, fresh fruits make excellent desserts or

appetizers to enhance your appetite or as a healthy quick snack on the go.

Get personalized  info and work-out suggestions, with my fitness colleague Miss Shannon T Kelly, an amazing Dancer, choreographer, instructor, fitness model, fitness instructor, personal trainer! WOWZA!



2nd Beyoncé hair | make-up | dance workshop is on!
This Saturday Feb 25th at 5:30pm – 8pm Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) Keep the sexy of Valentine’s + #Urbanesque going with her ‘Dance For You’ Video

Only those participating will be sent the details of the workshop!
Contact Rita directly here to rsvp your spot.
Click here ->

– max ten students, get your spot now!”

How to choose the right foundation colour.

Picking the perfect foundation for your skin can be daunting.
Learn how to wear a soft natural looking foundation that works with your unique skin type and not feel like your wearing a mask.

  • Colours that will not turn orange, ashy or look muddy on darker skin
  • Colours that

    specifically blend with the varying yellow and red undertones in dark skin

  • Products that retain the reflective nature of skin, allowing a natural looking finish
  • Products that work to conceal and illuminate  patches or     pigmentation
  • Products that provide high SPF to reduce sun damage and discolouring of dark skin

Photo: Alex


Beyoncé INSPIREation HAIR | MAKE-UP | DANCE Workshops!

FINALLY – Toronto’s cialis sans ordonnance lyon First And Only,Beyoncé

INSPIREation Beauty Workshop!

 How You CAN Learn Basics Of Looking Your Best!

Chanel 2012 – Celebrate India for the coming year As Chanel sets the tone!

Want to be ahead of the fashion magazines
and be the first trend setter this spring?

2012 is all about BOLLYWOOD!

The multitude of ways the dresses look Indian as in Sari or the lavish gold embroidery adorning them and the fully gold dresses as well, all about them is to dream about in beauty.

From a long pink dress to a sheer long blue dress going through shorter knee length dresses over tight Indian style pants in black silk ornate with gold or hot pink or again in red.



Chanel Pre Fall Paris/Bombay 2011/2012





If you like the look of cream or white

dresses there are so many choices. A lot of finishing touches with a lot of  high collars Indian style and all that subtle print you may have seen on an original Sari. Some black, bronze and metallic grey or gold in different hues. Long coats, mid-lenth & short with fur trim. Clutches and tiny purses hanging on the waist or hip on  long thin straps from the opposite shoulder.
It all looks so comfortable to boost!



*** Bollywood Themed Make-up and Hair Classes
Available at Salon Beauty Mark. ***

(how to properly apply the dark eyeliner with out looking punched in the eye!)
Book your private one cialis medicament acheter on one session OR have fun in a small class w alot of teacher attention!

Send your Bollywood Make-up and Hair Workshop request to Rita  from our contact page.
Simply click here –>




You & the RIGHT shade of lipstick. Finally !

Today’s lipsticks are moisturizing, glide on easily and are highly pigmented allowing them to last longer with rich color.
But wearing what suits you and putting it on properly is an art.

First of all you need smooth lips:

Care for your lips by putting eye cream on them, many eye creams are called eye & lip cream for that reason. And by the way it’s good  for over the top lip too! Exfoliate your lips till smooth without making them raw even by rubbing them with good ol’ sugar and baby oil.
Prep the lips with a conditioning balm after exfoliating.

-On smooth lips-

The everyday natural look:

Choose a lipstick that is one or two tones darker than your inner lip color. A transparent rather than an opaque color will allow your natural color to come through and it will all blend in. If you line the lips match it to your natural lipcolor. Set with translucent powder to make it last all day.

Wearing strong statement colors:

Red, Wine & Plum colors. The secret  is to use a liner for a clean & precise look and longer lasting wear.
Go for a liner deeper in color than the lips are and press translucent powder on your lips to set the color and BAAAAM!! the colour will last all day.


 If your pink turns red achat cialis lyon on your lips, (changes shade or tone)

HERE IS A FAB IDEA!!! —>apply foundation on your lips first. Thus making the pink a “true” version of it self.


What you wear in clothing can also play a part in the choice of lipstick you want to wear.

Be sure what ever the choice you make to feel proud, confident and beautiful.
And a dash of gloss in the middle of the lips will flatter your pout.

Get out, go shopping at great prices now! Get what you need fast!

Girls, Women,  Ladies,  Madame’s … listen up!
It is the season for getting your beauty affairs
set up for the winter months.

It’s Boxing Day and Everything is on SALE!!!!

Here are a 2 great stores with great deals:
~ Sport check has a killer pair of stylish and warm boots I want to get my toes in!!!

Entire store on sale (20 – 60 % OFF) SPORTCHECK.CA

~ One of my fav stores to mix thrifty fashion with a higher end piece is Sirens.
They always have a great bargain and fabulous shinny stilettos on the monetary down low.

When buying thrifty, one of my biggest and smartest ideas is to change the buttons to a fancier kind. Add some bling to the pockets. Make the piece unique to you.



****   If you are challenged with creativity, give Salon Beauty Mark  a call and take advantage of our creative brain!
**We offer, unique to

you, Image Consulting. **

Many companies have put together select choice items that save you money and  allows you to buy a little luxury you would otherwise not find.
As soon as they are sold that’s it, it’s over, no more. So don’t be nombres de viagra para mujer wasteful and get yourself something of value. Then you can relax, precio de viagra en farmacias del ahorro keep working or studying and feel a little happier and satisfied after the holidays.

BEST ALBUMS OF 2011 – So many successes in music this year!



-Beyonce 4 (MY PERSONL FAV!)
-Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX.     “We’re New Here”
-Rihanna, ” Talk that Talk”
-Owen Holmes, Gospel music  “How to Get to Jacksonville from here”
-Black Keys  “El Camino”
-Florence & the Machine  “Ceremonials”
-Abel Tesfaye “The Weekend, House of Balloons and Thursday

– Fleet Foxes,”Helplessness Blues”
-Frank Ocean “Nostalgia”
-The War on Drugs “Slave Ambiant
-Lady Gaga “Born this Way”
-Portugal. The Man  “In the Mountain, In the Cloud”
-Jay-Z & Kanye West  “Watch the Throne”
-Bon Iver, Bon Iver
-P J Harvey,”Let England Shake”
-The Horrors, “Skying”
-F—ed Up, “David Comes to Life”
-Drake, “Take Care”
-Adele, “21”
-Girls, “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”

Musicians seem to have a glamorous life however, making it to the top is a game of hard knocks.
Salon Beauty Mark is  a proud beauty sponsor and huge fan of this up and coming artis
Jacelyn tunes can be purchased on itunes.  Go on now…. check her out!

Support Local Talent and Music.
Buy albums legitimately . Offer a tip when you go see a live band, especially the drummer that has to lug out all the heavy equipment!  If you think making music is easy, how about you give it a

try and report back to me.
Before buying,  listen to the music in the store or I encourage you to go on band sites and listen to a preview (sometimes they have free bee)  to make sure that is what you want to get.

L’ Oreal Paris 2011 Holiday Look




Sexy & Sassy is the l’ Oreal Paris Holiday Look with a pair of neutral eyes and a bold lip.

1. One Sweep Eye Shadow in Playful for all eyes. One coat.

2. Infallible Eye Liner in Brown
Top lash line only

3. False Fiber Mascara in Black
Use one coat of The Million Lashes Mascara to lightly accentuate lashes.

4. True Match Blush in soft Pink or Peach tones

5. Infallible Le Rouge in deep red or berry tones like Blazing Sangria or Bold Bordeaux.

Prep your skin with l’ Oreal Paris Youth Code Skincare and finish  hairstyle with Elnett hairspray! (if you absolutely cant make it to our salon, of course. lol)





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