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Pro Advice for Stay On! Eyeliner and How to Apply it

Question from Ana in Calgary Alberta ON
—>>Beauty question for Hairess Rita:
“What’s the best eyeliner makeup product to prevent smudges? Right now I use L’OREAL Voluminous smoldering pencil eyeliner & I constantly have to check a mirror to dap off black smudges on my eyes balls through out the day. Not pretty, why does it do that?? Are liquid eyeliners any better?”


Answer- Well Ana,  with so many eyeliner options, here is non confusing answer. You said you like using  a pencil.
I agree, easy application and you can smudge it for a smoky look after you draw it on  (use a Qtip to smudge or yr ring finger after drawing a line)

A few options are Smashbox Limitless Waterproff Eyeliner (I use Black Onyx) about $20 w built in sharpener. Worth every penny! AND make sure to keep the lid on or it will dry out the product. And it will feel dry, scratch your eyes  and not work well!

Here are the Basics:

* kohl liners stay on longer

* waterproof is great but u will need a waterproof make-up remover

* use an eye primer w concealer before applying liner so you don’t look like you got punched in the eye!

Or what I also use which makes my eye makeup stay on the longest !
Is “wet to dry” shadows. The secret here is in the brush…. I use a flat full brush then blend w fingers. I have this fav brush in my pro make-up kit since high school. From M.A.C…of course!

A cheap

brand that actually works well /high pigment comes from shoppers drug mart called Essence.

Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes Ana!



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Question from Ashley in Ottawa, Ontario
“Hey beautiful! I need advice. Hairspray advice So I’ve been using the same hairspray for years, loved it. Held curl for three days even with my super fine, baby hair. Well, they changed the formula and not only does it no longer hold curl but it doesn’t even hold a dang tease. Could you please recommend a hairspray? I’ve tried three in the last month, none of which are working. HELP!“
Dear Curl Seeker,
I to am a lover of hairspray … heck it is my best friend!
Just saying H A I R S P R A Y gets me excited!
Firstly, if you want quality results – lasting viagra sans ordonnance hold and shine – don’t buy the cheap stuff, its like spraying  water! It will only sildenafil mylan prix cause more frizz and frustration!
Secondly, what type of hold or commitment do we want from this little bottled friend?
(to bad we cant purchase our perfect boyfriend this way!)

Here are a few of my favorites that I use personally and professionally in the salon followed by 3 pro tips:
  • Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray by White Sands (can be bought on ebay if not a hairstylist)    I use this for pro weddings and swear by it!
  • Got to 2b Glued by Schwarzkopf. Harder to work with as it gets very sticky on wet hair and sets asap! Inexpensive at Walmart / Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Shaper Hairspray Plus by Sebastian Professional – love this product for editorial work. It holds well and can be combed out for reshaping.
  • Stay Intense Hairspray by Big Sexy hair – my personal fav! I have curly frizzy hair, lots of it but fine strands. This products is humidity resistant, super long lasting hold and controls the  flyaways with a medium shine.
  1. If your trying to set curls, the trick is in in the foundation before curling your hair. Since you investing all that time and arm strength to stretch to the back of hair head, I professionally suggest a setting lotion or flexible hold gel.
  2. If your putting in rollers over night, like our grandma’s did, then yes, put in the gel or setting lotion when the hair is still very wet!
  3. If your using a hot tool to curl your hair, use your spray of choice and spray on  your section, comb through then curl up.
I hope this blog was useful and you find the product you need to help you look and feel your bouncy best.
Feel free to leave comments below.

Hairess Rita – Salon Beauty Mark


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